Today I tested fusing gold foil (23.5ct bizarrely!) to sterling silver, a method called Keum boo. Not excited about this technique as I feel there’s not a lot of security in the finish. It cannot be polished after the gold has been fused to the silver as it can flake/tear off. It does look beautiful though and if used well would make a great feature on some silver pieces. I wouldn’t mind testing this out again on an actual piece of jewellery. For now a small piece of silver will do.


(Well it looked not bad before I stupidly grabbed it with my grubby hands, then proceeded to scratch away some of the foil! Why hands!?)

4Hot plate was used to heat up the silver. I then used a scalpel to ‘chop’ a piece of gold foil to the required length and placed it on the heated silver using tweezers. With the burnishing tool I smoothed out the gold foil until it fused to the silver and gently pushed out any bubbles underneath the surface.


Cleaned up the silver here but of course the damage is done to the gold foil due to my clumsiness. Yeah, need practise!




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