Colin made a very interesting point last week; taking pictures of your hand made creations is just not enough anymore. The next stage now seems to be little videos, a speedy version of the making process of a piece.

I love this idea and have wondered for some time now how it is done after last years lecturer Lisa showed the class a video of a jeweller making some wooden jewellery pieces. It turns out a simple video/pic app is all you need! So I did a little search and found an app called PicPac with good ratings so decided to give it a go. I ended up loving this app as it’s so simple to use (so far!) so decided to give it a go. Maybe when potential customers see a video of the process they can appreciate the price more.

Here I am making some simple, cactus pendants. They are not quite finished, as they need more polishing and I’d like to add some liver of sulphur.

This is the result of my first attempt at making a little video; Making a cactus pendant.

This video is about 50 seconds long. This isn’t too bad, I can upload it to YouTube and Vimeo and Instagram has extended their video play to 60 seconds. Perfect fit! Could work on the angles but balancing a camera around your workbench and whatnot is rather tricky. Looking forward to making the next one!



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