Towards the end of our HND1 we were creating CAD pieces which we would be carrying through to our HND2 under the brief ‘Elements’. This will then play a part throughout our body of work for the rest of the year. I unfortunately didn’t like the piece I’d created in CAD and will not be using this through my work. I have new ideas however that I will take forward instead. If it’s to be my ‘staple’ then it should be my decision, not someone else’s. I’ve decided to go with my initial idea here and hope to fit this through what’s to come.

I think I’ve maybe found this more difficult than others. I know what materials I like to use, however, when it comes to shapes, colours or textures I’m not sure where I stand. I find I work very spontaneously outside of college and my work is pretty commercial based. Although I do now use a sketchbook for ideas, they are often one-off design ideas, rather than a collection of work. Commercial for me is not a problem but this doesn’t seem to be the way we are to go with college, which I also don’t have a problem with. I am just finding it difficult to pin point my ‘style’. I feel I am still very much experimental in everything I create after just 2 years of creating jewellery. I don’t feel I have a specific similarity to my work yet. I would like to design more contemporary styled pieces and maybe I’m just thinking too much about this causing a creative block.

I’ve had a look through the pieces I have made over the last 2 years to try and gain some clarity:

My NC work:

Triangles and angles generally were stronger in my work rather than curves (although I did dabble in this style for my final piece of the year). No colour in particular stands out to me as a continual theme but I did have a love for purple and often used a frosting wheel for satin finishes.
My HND1 work:

Throughout the HND1 I worked with angles. I took shapes such as pentagons and manipulated them into random, geometric shapes. I also took circles and gave them angles which is what ultimately created my final pieces toward the end of the year. As for colour, again nothing was particularly prominent to me. I used patina as a means to tick a box for SQA but not something I would generally use in my work. I did find towards the end of the year a new love for yellow, however, in the end I chose crimson colours to make the goldleaf pop in my final piece and the year was over.
I myself don’t see any link between my pieces here other than the use of resin and stone setting. I feel there’s not much time to continue pondering it all and have decided to go with my current passions and use those in the brief The Street. I’m thinking geometric, off-kilter shapes and squares. It may sound like a random combination but I’ll see how it goes. Yellow is the colour I’ve been drawn to since June so will go with this also. Resin is a big possibility for the final pieces. This is at least a starting point for my sketchbook. Ok, off I go to my sketchbook!



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