I haven’t done much sampling as of yet as I was still trying to determine what my shapes/colours would be. I did have a look through my previous makes over the last couple of years (I talk about this in an earlier post here) and concluded that geometric, angular shapes was where I’d been heading towards the end of the course and I continued to play around with that concept over the summer. I also had a cube theme going in last years CAD class so I have decided to combine these shapes. So below are some rough samples and how I’ve been playing around with them. Looking forward to having correctly enamelled pieces to get a better idea of what different colours/textures work best together.

I spent last weekend creating resin-filled cubes and cuboids. I made the shells from copper and then melted and reticulated tiny chips of silver over the copper. I love reticulation and this is a technique I always use when I’m working with copper as I love the icy, silver texture it produces. Plus I don’t need to use a lot of silver to get this finish. I’m still to master this with silver by itself however. After the shells had been created, I filled them with resin which I’d mixed with a yellow dye and let them cure for 24 hours. (Last year, Colin showed me a bunch of coloured dyes where you only needed a tiny amount to colour the resin. I took away a tiny amount of a few colours to sample my favourites for my final piece which is when I fell in love with the yellow. I bought a small tub from Cooksons for about £7, but the tub will last a very long time)!

After bringing them into class this week, Colin sliced a thin cube from one of the pieces for me. (This could be a quick and efficient way to get many at one time, making a cuboid and slicing it up with the band saw). I’m loving these resin-filled pieces!


I have been making jewellery with resin for a few years now and out of all the alternative materials I have worked with resin is by far still my go to material. I love the idea of enamelling but as mentioned before, it does not love me. I love seeing what others can achieve using acrylic and wood but I cannot happily or skillfully use it in my own.

I am loving my shapes though. I’m looking into distorting the cubes a little but I don’t want a big clash of angular shapes, at the moment I feel a little cube detail is quite complimenting to the geometric shapes. Will be sharing sketchbook snapshots soon!







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