I have taken inspiration from the town I’ve grown up in, Edinburgh. After taking pictures around Glasgow and looking down memory lane; travelling round New Zealand and my home London, Edinburgh is what I’ve known longest so it made sense to me to use this as a base.

There’s a lot of interesting shapes and textures in Edinburgh which I’ve captured in some pictures. The cobbled streets and the old stone detail around Edinburgh Castle. I made a few enamel samples using shapes found in the many cobbled pathways.



With these enamel samples I used yellows, pewter, cherry red and duck egg green. The colours used were inspired by the Autumn leaves I found in a puddle (picture below).


Yellow has been a prominent colour within the pictures I’ve taken along with green and deep reds/browns. I’m not a fan of green or red personally and have been drawn to yellow for some time so it’s felt natural to take this route. I’ll play around with blending colours in my next samples. Thankfully this batch of enamelling worked! This duck egg green has come out more blue however so don’t think it will be the best combination with the yellow (too bright for my liking?). I am thinking a burgundy/brown will look great though. I may not want more than one colour at all, so still experimenting here. To be continued!



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