I have made some decent progress in my sketchbook, however there’s still a LOT of development work to do. I’m not happy yet with any designs. I like bits from one design and bits from others. More time will be spent over the weekend trying to find something I really want to sample.

I have been sketching cube shapes and ended up distorting them getting some weird but nice results and think this will be a feature in my final pieces. I am loving this idea so decided to go ahead and start prepping for casting.

I spent a good portion of my college day carving wax. Luckily I had saved the scrap wax from a medal carving I had done last year (You never know when something might come in handy!). These carvings are of distorted cube shapes. The idea is that these will be little elements I can solder on or pin in to a piece and the gaps are there to be filled with resin.

I’m hoping to get these cast in silver along with some experimental pieces I have.  With luck they will go as planned and can be used in my final jewellery pieces.









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