A quick video demonstrating how I make a little series of pendants, earrings, rings e.t.c. Here I reticulate silver chips (not solder) onto copper and also use resin and dyes to colour it.

I wanted to pick up on a technique I  have been using since starting the NC course; Reticulation. This technique creates a texture I love however back in the NC I could only melt the silver, not actually reticulate it. Working with metal was completely new for me then so there was a lot of experimenting, learning and figuring things out. I ended up combining silver and copper, melting the silver over the copper, hiding the copper almost entirely with just a very small amount of silver being used and leaving a stunning reticulated finish. I fell in love with this technique and have continued to use this in my work throughout the last couple of years both in my college pieces, as well as my personal work.

Below are some close-ups of the results of this technique. I am contemplating whether this will become part of my final designs’ texture. It does seem to relate to a lot of textures I’ve found in stone walls and pavements so can easily relate to The Street brief. More development is needed in my designs first however before making any decisions.



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