Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a number of materials. Although I am not done yet as I still want to experiment with concrete, etching and water casting. My torch at home is great but doesn’t work so well when it comes to water casting (unless it’s tiny pieces of silver), so this is something I’m looking forward to attempt in class. I have also purchased a small amount of pewter to melt down and experiment this technique with.

Materials I’ve experimented with so far:

Enamelling – This is the main material I have been getting to grips with, mainly because it needs to be incorporated into the final pieces for the Street brief and secondly because I am not all that good at it. I’ve also come to the conclusion that although I love how enamel looks in other jewellers’ work, it is not something I like to use in my own. I am looking forward to saying “Sayonara!” to this one!


Resin – A fond favourite of mine. I recently discovered dyes to add to the clear resin I am used to working with and it allows for many options. I’m really enjoying sampling resin and have sketched out and played around with a few ideas so far. (below I have riveted a piece of resin onto a hammered, silver ring shank. The rivet has been neatened up since taking this picture. I created a cuboid shell using copper and then melted tiny chips of silver on all sides to achieve this look – a great way to use up scraps, add texture and is an inexpensive way to use silver. I filled the cuboid shell with dyed resin and let cure for 24hrs. Colin was then able to slice some thinner pieces off for me using the band saw).


Porcelain – I’m at the very early stages of using this material. So far I have only shaped little bits into my desired elements and I’m looking forward to adding colour to them and cleaning them up. I’m unsure as to how I could attach them to a piece, perhaps pins to hold in place or glue some of them together? I’ll experiment some more when these pieces have been fired and coloured. So far I really like this material and am very excited at the possibilities!


Wax Carving – I love wax carving. There is something very therapeutic about it and the way the technique works, going from a wax carving to a solid silver piece is so fascinating. I have carved out some pieces from scraps of a block I had stored away (how handy!) and will cast these as I think they could possibly make an interesting element to my final pieces. They need a little tidying up first!


I still have a lot of ideas to experiment with so continuing on in the sketchbook!



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