I have been reluctant to share my sketchbook work, firstly because of my drawing skills. I’ve tried to portray my ideas as best I can with my level of drawing ability (don’t laugh!) but secondly because I’m not really happy with what I’ve designed and developed thus far. I have to kind of come to a conclusion very soon as there are two pieces to be made and not a lot of time to do them in!

I have really been playing around with brooch ideas and ring ideas but again, nothing I’m particularly pleased with. I’m a little anxious about whether there will be a chance to cast some of the wax elements in time for final pieces that I’ve been using a lot in my designs or if I should rule out the idea altogether. For now I’ll just roll with it and see where my favourite designs are at and narrow down final plans and development and worry about it when final pieces have been decided and what date I’m at by that point. Colin did say time for casting should be fine so I won’t worry too much at the moment. So some sketchbook work…

Initial ideas and structures. I have been going down the line of squares/cubes but love the distorting, off-kilter look. I have continued that through my drawings and porcelain and wax carved samples. I also layered lots of squares of all sizes to get some interesting silhouettes which I cut out in copper and enamelled to see the thoughts come to life. I’m still playing around with this idea but loving the depth these pieces are creating. I’m also thinking of how the piece will come together; soldering, pinning, rivets?

I’ve been doing a lot of quick sketches just to push simple parts of an idea forward, such as a ring shank. As I’m using angled shapes I’m thinking of how to keep this running nicely through the entire piece, not just an element of the piece. All still ‘up in the air’ ideas.

Development on the quick sketches, building on top of the frames and shapes I’ve been jotting down. Loving a simple, clean brooch idea with little elements of colour but also loving some crazy ring ideas too. I’ve been jumping around ideas to find a satisfying conclusion but nothing yet. The ring ideas have me looking at box style rings and also open frame ideas. Of course I want my two pieces to go well in a sense that you can see the resemblances and I could do two brooches and change very little detail keeping them similar and not taking up too much making time, however I can see myself doing two different things!

Going to continue playing with ideas and sampling as I’m still very undecided in which route to take. Hopefully I can come to a conclusion shortly! Time is of the essence.



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