I’ve made an off-kilter square frame using square silver wire Colin gave to the class (thank you!). After a couple of weeks of thinking about how to use this, and although Colin recommended we stick with circles for simplicity, I made up my mind and went with my gut. I could have done a circle but that has zero relation to any work I’ve produced over my 2 years of study. I like angles and off kilter shapes so I felt this would be the right direction to go down. I didn’t want a perfect square so angled it all oddly and I like the extended ends also. I thinned down the 2mm wire slightly using the draw plate as I wanted a slightly thinner wire. Although the draw plate offers many shapes to change your wire to (Triangular, Oval, etc) I love square wire and this matches well with my current street theme.

I wasn’t able to do much over the October break as I lacked copper to sample with and do not have an enamelling kit at home but managed to put a few ideas together after getting back to class yesterday. I am just playing around with this interchangeable brooch idea which I love, however I don’t think this is the route I will be going down with my final pieces. The parts would be held in place by tabs and I have a few more sketch ideas on this but below are the ones I was able to put together quickly.

Here there is a piece of copper I enamelled yellow with a sprinkle of ‘cherry red’ as I was wanting a burgundy-type effect and a piece of copper with cut out squares which has been placed in a liver of sulphur patina turning it black. I also cut out a group of overlapping squares, scored and folded them a little in different directions and then enamelled the piece yellow.


Below are some quick sketch ideas and notes of other ideas I have had for an interchangeable brooch idea. However, as excited as I was about this idea, I have quickly gone off it.




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