I’ve been back and forth between loads of different designs from rings to brooches. I spent last week out of the country on a holiday with the family (bad timing indeed!), and although I couldn’t do any sampling, I did take my sketchbook and made some decent progress and feel I am very close to final designs now. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I continued playing with the square cluster idea and I really wanted to keep the geometric, angular shape involved, at first by thinking about angular ring shanks and brooch backs, but then by adding them in random places amongst the squares. (I also decided to keep the squares neatly squared rather than off kilter squares as it was looking a bit messy – although my drawing doesn’t really help there!).

Below I was looking at adapting on the square wire frame I initially made with the square wire (In my interchangeable blog). I was really liking the wire structures but never really put much thought into materials and the detail attached to the wire, so I quickly moved on.

I then attempted to mix my square cluster ideas with the wire frame and played around with this look for a short while.


After all this I still wasn’t satisfied with anything. After arriving back home Saturday evening I started sampling with copper and layering images with tracing paper to spark more ideas. I made this mock up sample below about a week before last and felt like I was really onto something with this design. I made a few miniature versions before leaving last week. Now that I was home and had the pieces in front of me I could play around some more and started layering them on top of one another.

When I was on holiday I took some photos which were very inspiring because they related to the path I’ve been taking with this brief in terms of shape. The square patterned wall you see below was one of these and gave me the idea of keeping the square clusters the same size rather than altered sizes.


I then began tracing and layering these sketches and happen to love the direction I’m going with these! On Sunday I made a mock up ring idea. I actually love the squares being the same size, it’s keeping the design looking neat. I also like the layering of the individual pieces, they are slotting together nicely keeping the piece flowing and I’m getting a nice three dimensional look from this. The geometric shapes will bring in the pop of colour, this could be with enamel, resin or keum boo (I’ll need to have another practise at that!). Colin suggested I could use some gold sheet in my work which I like the sound of so keeping that in mind also.

I think the main structure will be made from sheet silver, however I won’t get the same reticulated effect I achieve when melting silver onto copper. I don’t want to use copper though so am thinking about my options on finish. I don’t like a high polished look personally so I will most likely go down the route of a satin finish or using a frosting wheel as I love this look. I’m also looking at whether the pieces will be soldered or riveted together. I’m really looking forward to pushing these designs to their final outcome in the upcoming weeks! Maybe I should go on holiday more often!?



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