I was loving where I was going with the squares connecting and distorting in different directions but decided it needed a little more depth as I didn’t want my pieces to be flat. I spent a lot of time trying to get the right shape and would test these by cutting out papers and folding them. It took a lot of time, a lot of repeating and a ton of paper (sorry trees!) to get the shape I was satisfied with.

I then began sampling with copper, not just the structures but potential final pieces also. I do like the direction I have taken with these and am really looking forward to making them. I am worried they may be too complicated to finish as cleanly as I’d like, however, if I keep them simple I won’t be happy with myself.

I was originally going to have two brooches with just a slight change in design, however, I changed my mind last minute and decided on a brooch and ring. Let’s see how this goes!

After doing a few brooch samples, I am finally happy to begin the final design in silver. I will also be adding a pop of colour using resin and mixing in some yellow pigment. As for the finish, I’ll be using a frosting wheel, an old favourite of mine. I love a satin/matt finish.

It was my random ring design and sample that changed my mind on two brooches. It’s weird and quirky and I’d really like to give it a go. This piece will be the one I use enamel on (however, I am absolutely dreading this!). I haven’t had much success at all with enamel and it began as a love hate relationship which has slowly fizzled into an area where there is no love. I’ll be using silver square wire and making a silver base, however, I love the reticulation silver gives on top of copper, so I will be creating the ‘box’ shape of the ring using copper and reticulating silver on top. The inside will be enamelled. Complicated I think but going to try at least!



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