The new brief is titled ‘A sense of place’. This can be interpreted in my own way, narrative or abstract and hopefully tying to my previous pieces from ‘The Street’ brief as the aim in our final year is to create a body of work that flows, creating our own ‘identity’ as a jeweller. Whether I will accomplish the tying of two different briefs together or not I am not sure, I am just going to focus on the new project keeping my colours and shapes in mind. Hopefully, this will work out.

The initial thought with this brief is to take inspiration from a familiar place, for me, that would be Edinburgh as this is the city I have grown up in and made my memories and had many experiences. However, this concept doesn’t fuel any inspiration. I thought about this some more. I was born in Islington, London but raised in Edinburgh from around 3 months old, therefore, I have no memories whatsoever of London. This for me is rather upsetting as I happen to love London. I don’t visit this city often as I don’t know any of my family from there but I do get that sense of feeling we call ‘home’ when I do visit the city. This again, was a path I feel I could not go down as it’s not personal for me, there are just not many memories made here that I can work with for this brief.


I have taken a deeper look into this title and tried looking outside the box. I started a mind map of my thoughts; places, people, memories, music, my location within the world, the worlds location within the solar system, the universe itself and it can go on and on. I have memories with my Grandmother that pull me to a place, her home, the smells, the conversations, really wonderful memories. Music played a huge part in my life before I began jewellery as I had spent many years as a musician, gigging, writing, collaborating and this was an exciting time for me. So I can combine many streams which link and connect into one.  I then realised that I myself am a sense of place. This really ties it all together for me. No-one knows me better than I know myself. My feelings change depending on my environment, the weather, the people I am surrounded by, a location, when I am alone. I’ve really gotten to know myself well the last few years and I happen to love spending time alone. I can think, I can work, I can exercise. I love my solitude and the peace I feel in my own space, it’s a similar feeling to meditation, where it’s calm, relaxed and you can free your mind. I think this is the direction I have been most drawn to. My inner self. I’m going to do research based around this feeling of ‘freedom’ looking at the memories, places, environment and even my spiritual beliefs that bring that feeling of freedom out as this is where I am truly happy. This is the ‘Sense of Place’ I want to focus on.



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