I recently won some funding through a competition that was set up by Bridge 2 Business and funded by the John Mather’s Trust. I’ve been working with Bridge 2 Business since I began my Jewellery course at City of Glasgow college when I found them at the Freshers’ Fair (good thing I went!). With some of the funding I planned to purchase a 3D printer and after doing a lot of research, emailing people and companies, I finally decided to make the purchase. I found the ‘Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20’ on cooksongold. I set up the printer, which was fairly quick and easy. I then gave it a test run. The video below is of a pre-setting of a large dice within the printer. This took 20 minutes to print which is good for the size I think. The bottom and top of the dice didn’t print properly due to the printing platform being slightly too high, however, after a little adjusting the printer prints fine now.


After then registering my printer to the website and downloading the software I was able to link up my own STL files from working in Rhino to see the quality of small scale, detailed as well as simple designs.

After some testing I found my small and detailed pieces didn’t come out that great, but this also allowed me to see just how big/small my pieces were going to be, which is what I seem to really need the help with! The printer worked great on some frames I’ve been working on and again, allows me to see the size of everything. I can now edit the designs in Rhino, save them as an STL file and send them over to the printer.

I’ll be printing many more concepts out in order to finalise designs; sizes, shape etc. This machine, despite the finish of smaller pieces not always being fantastic, can really help me get my bearings which is exactly what I wanted it for. I will save money in the long-term as now when I send a file off to shapeways I know exactly what I’m getting back. Exciting times ahead!







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