I chose my sense of place to be based on a ‘feeling’ rather than a physical place. However, I have been doing research into colours, places and even meditation, all the things that bring that ‘free’ feeling to life for me. I noticed a recurring pattern in when I feel this sense of freedom and happiness after looking through some photographs. In 2006 I spent a couple of months travelling the north island of New Zealand. Often out in nature and by the sea. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I pulled out some pictures that reminded me of those feelings; Canoeing by waterfalls, whale and dolphin boat trips, thermal pools and geyser parks.  I also noticed this from pictures when I visited Santa Susanna, Spain in 2014 that having the ocean right at the front door was the highlight. Then my most recent trip to Fuerteventura being most prominent with it being so recent. The pattern is I am away from bustling cities and large groups of people. There’s no television or internet, it’s all natural surroundings. I suppose most people get this overwhelming tranquil feeling when they are no longer around the influence of the media and the pollution and noise these cities bring. This also ties in the meditation part as meditation gives you a moment to get yourself into the right head space, bringing good feelings forward and setting you up for the rest of your day. Honestly, I don’t meditate very often as I do get too distracted but it’s great for calming my mind or if I’m particularly having a bad day.

I also found these feelings were strongest by the sea. If the ocean is nearby I am at my happiest. (This probably explains my desire to live on a boat!). Below are some of my pictures from what I’ve just explained.

New Zealand

Santa Susanna, Spain




I’ve put my focus into my trip to Fuerteventura as this is the most recent trip and so the memories and feelings are strongest. Pictures are also better quality making my research that little bit easier. I’ve been using pictures from the holiday to generate shapes and structures and have started some design ideas. So more to come on this. Whilst I was away, I found some lovely shapes and textures within the pathways and walls and also the cliff face and lave rock. This is all helping towards the design process and I’ve managed to create some great shapes from the pictures below!

I’ve been able to continue my geometric shapes thanks to my findings and I’ve had lots of inspiration. Colour is something I’ll come back to soon.



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