As stated in previous blogs I don’t really have a specific location that generates inspiration for me. I’ve grown up in Edinburgh which doesn’t feel like ‘home‘ and as much as I love London, I have not spent much time here to call it home or to use this as a source of inspiration. I don’t have a physical place I can say is home and so I looked to feelings that generate that place I want to build on. I’ve mentioned that I find being by the ocean blissful. Being in that state of ‘freedom‘ is my sense of place. I’ve also touched on meditation and how this calms and pulls your mind into a relaxed, free feeling state. It also connects to our chakras and our spiritual being, in my opinion, another reason why we feel so free, because for a short time we are connected to our true selves, our subconscious, spiritual selves, not in the busy, physical hustle and bustle of the ‘now’ state that we are made to believe is our true state, the way humanity was supposed to live. I completely disagree.

Looking at this on a deeper level, we are not really physical ourselves, we are energy. Everything is made up of energy. This isn’t some made up belief, this is science. We are energy and vibrate at different frequencies which continually fluctuate dependant on our mood. This free feeling is a state of high energy. This is when I feel most alive.


I have used shapes I’ve traced and manipulated from pictures I’ve taken of lava rock, cliff faces, ocean waves and patterns within the walls and paving. I have researched colour, looking at the feelings they apparently trigger within us but also looking at the colour that surrounds me in these bright, oceanic scenes. I’m drawn to grey, lilac and turquoise (all shades I’ve found in my pictures of the ocean) and yellow which makes a nice, bold contrast to these colours and represents the bright, sunny weather. There was also a lot of blue and green but I’m not a big fan of either on their own but love the mixed colours such as Aqua, Turquoise, Teal etc.

After looking into the chakras and meanings of colour, Yellow stood out as it’s a colour which promotes happiness and energy and is also focused on the Solar Plexus chakra, relating to personal strength; The freedom of thought, intellect and confidence. I feel this is so relevant to my ‘Sense of Place’. Purple is also a colour which really stands out and is relevant to my interpretation of the brief. As this colour relates to creativity and spirituality. There are so many shades however and purples are connected to both the Crown and Third Eye chakra. They relate to knowingness and intuition. Again, strongly linking to my direction with the brief. The union of body and soul, self-realisation.

Materials & Techniques Contemplation

Ok, I probably sound like a right hippie! I’ve taken the briefs given in the past quite light heartedly, with not much depth of concept behind them and now I really want to dig into something that really means something to me and this is the perfect opportunity.

I am looking at 3D printing and casting techniques for this piece (more to come on this), whether it be a frame, shape or an element to add to the piece. I’ve had loads of ideas but looking to keep design more simple this time. I often go overboard and in some cases, ruin my end piece because I’m trying to put a lot of different techniques into one piece. This is because I’m always pushing myself to learn more. I may be learning, but my finish needs to be clean at this stage. I’m in my final college year now and have decided to just hone in on a couple of my favourite techniques and try to make them look as good as I can. Stone Setting and Resin happen to be my favourite ways of adding colour. For this brief I am contemplating stone setting, however, I have been really drawn to resin here. I know this is not everyones favourite alternative material but over the last 2 years I have learned to use it in different ways and will continue to use this as I grow as a jeweller. Sorry, resin stays.
So, potential 3D printing, casting, stone setting and resin. I’m keeping an open mind and just going with my gut on this one.



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