In order to create some interesting shapes and get the ball rolling, I gathered pictures from my trips (Fuerteventura / Iceland) and began tracing the shapes I’d found within the surfaces of rock, walls and other places. My initial ideas were pretty simple and mostly earring concepts. I also focused mainly on the odd geometric shapes I’d discovered as I prefer these to the squares I’ve been using. Below are a few sketchbook pages of where I took inspiration, how I worked with different shapes and different techniques I was looking into, such as 3D printing, rubber mould making, casting and mixing silver and resin.



As much as I love my earring concepts and will continue playing with these in my personal projects, I decided to challenge myself more. I went back to squares and began layering and forming them, similarly to what I’d done with The Street brief. I wasn’t completely feeling this either however, as I much prefer working with the off-kilter, geometric shapes, so I’m attempting to combine the two after doing some development work and sampling.






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